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  • Rosoman Road, Southampton, SO19
  • County Durham, DH1
  • United Kingdom
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I’m a student planning to move from Southampton to Durham on the 29th of September. My things are stored in a garage in a friend’s house on the ground floor in Southampton. My belongings include: 2 large suitcases, 2 small suitcases, 5 large boxes, 7 small boxes, 5 mini rectangular boxes, a backpack, an M&S large food shopping bag, a transparent duvet bag and one Sainsbury’s black plastic container. They’re not particularly heavy at all, and I’ve added a few pictures to give you a general idea. I won’t be available during collection on the 29th but I’ll be helping in unloading in Durham. I would also prefer if same day delivery was possible.


Distance:309.58 miles      

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